Home Insurance

Georgia is a scintillating location to reside in. Whether you have purchased your first house in Athens, or a townhouse located in Savannah, every homeowner requires home insurance to protect their prized investment. With Odico Group LLC serving several locations in Georgia, you can safeguard your home when the unthinkable strikes.

Is home insurance mandatory in Georgia?

A home insurance policy isn't mandatory in Georgia, but your home lender may demand you carry standard home insurance until you pay the mortgage. But whether home insurance is compulsory or not, it's a splendid investment for any homeowner.

Home coverages options for Georgia homeowners

Regrettably, most homeowners take home insurance policy as just another unimportant expense. However, when uncertainties strike, they will realize how helpful home insurance can turn to be.

Typical home insurance options include:

Knowing that your dwelling is protected by outstanding home insurance gives you peace of mind. Are you aspiring to purchase a house, or are you already a homeowner in Georgia? Please connect with us at Odico Group LLC, and our agents will help you buy the proper home insurance that fulfills your needs.