Commerical Insurance

All business owners in Georgia must have commercial insurance coverage for cars, businesses, or employees working in the state. Commercial insurance is essential in covering auto or premise damages and medical bills for illnesses and work injuries. The policy also covers general liability insurance, business owner’s policy, and professional liability insurance. Odico Group LLC guides you through the insurance policies and enables effective decision-making.

Commercial Auto Insurance

For every business-owned vehicle, there should be a policy in Georgia. The policy covers legal bills, property damages, and medical expenses for the victims. It is a smart choice to have commercial auto insurance if the company owns vehicles. The policy has broad coverage that includes the employees and other victims involved in the accident.

Business Owner’s Policy

This is a policy that puts liability insurance and commercial property insurance together. For a business that owns or rents a workspace, having a business owner’s policy is instrumental. Most clients’ contracts also dictate that a business has this policy for effective coverage. There is general liability and commercial property coverage with this policy.

Workers Compensation Insurance

For businesses and workers, this policy is necessary as it helps cover work-related injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and social damages resulting from the injuries and illnesses. Any business needs to have this policy as soon as it hires the first employee.

Professional Liability Insurance

Every professional that depends on their expertise should have professional liability insurance. This is to cover the professionals against client lawsuits over errors, mistakes, missed deadlines, and omissions during service delivery. Expect work mistakes and oversights in business, but this policy comes in handy in rare cases such as professional negligence lawsuits. Every established business should look for this policy and retain its professional integrity.

As a business owner, you need to consider the above covers. Get in touch with Odico Group LLC today for more information and guidance on commercial insurance policies to select.